Lottery- a mode of revenue and satisfaction

Lottery- a mode of revenue and satisfaction

The lottery is a word known to all in some or other manner. Lottery- a mode of revenue and satisfaction The basic idea of a lottery is to gain surplus without any or little investment. Ideally, lottery tickets are bought to take a chance on the fate and stars of one’s destiny. A form of gambling which involves drawing of lots for the prize is called Lottery. The lottery is yet another kind of gambling that is played in order to gain multiple prizes or monetary benefits. However, lotteries are unlawfully declared practice by some governments, on the other hand, they are organized at national and state level in some countries without any disturbance in between.

Lotteries were common in the United States and some other countries during the 19th century. The lottery has a history to be known as well. The lotteries were banned by the beginning of the 20th century. However after the World War 2, they began to reappear. They were organized by the ruling government in order to raise revenues without taxes. Human beings are ever ready to go an extra mile in taking a risk and ready to get something extra. The lottery can be a habit for people who have been trying their luck in the lottery.

Lottery- a mode of revenue and satisfaction and money at the same time

Lottery- a mode of revenue and satisfaction
Lottery- a mode of revenue and satisfaction

In our society money is generally acclaimed as the universal symbol of power. It is something that gets life on auto-pilot and all the worries seem to have a universal solution, Money! Well actually money cannot buy all but the society has amazing ways of judging one’s capacities and a person with decent wealth is respected and sought after. However, the facts may be different from the usual. What is seen is generally not what is true but the society has a mirror of its own.

There is a lot of statistics involved in the operation of a lottery. It is a fun game for those who have learned statistics. Statistically speaking someone who has bought a lottery ticket has all the chances of winning the lottery. On the other hand, there is a chance that you won’t earn anything out of it. The risk is all that is involved here. In case you win a lottery, you will be able to buy all the amenities that you want and life might go on a second level altogether (in the case of huge lottery amount).

The lottery is a huge inclusive term that includes a lot of things. A lottery can be a fun game at a school fest or as serious as a gambling game at the casino. Hence, the reach of the word lottery is huge.

The lottery numbers

Lottery generally comes with buying a lottery ticket and the ticket has certain number series that is statistically used to get the winning lottery number. People who are involved in the lottery practices have their own instincts and ways of choosing the ticket numbers. Some of it can be seen as below

  • Simple instincts
  • Lucky number trends
  • Series of numbers
  • The odd and even formula
  • Numbers suggested by tarot cards
  • Horoscope favoring numbers.

Greed is a natural phenomenon as far as human beings are concerned. But greed has certain intensity levels. If the greed is intense and is reaching levels of unhealthy competition that should be checked. It’s OK to wish a lot of things in life, that’s natural. Lottery- a mode of revenue and satisfaction There are lottery houses that sell tickets of the lottery and declare results in the certain time frame that is decided by the lottery. Many movies have depicted the lottery system in the cast of the story. Movies have always been said to be a reflection of the society and we can say that lottery is a part of the society and it is a mode of pleasure and wealth for many.

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