Baseball the most famous sport in the USA

Baseball the most famous sport in the USA

Time to time we have got something special like this we have also got a very interesting game which is known as baseball. Baseball the most famous sport in the USA This game is so famous across the world. It is a game played between ball and bat with 9 players in each of the team. In order to score run batter have to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher and after that he should have to run from 4 plates which are known as first, second, third and last is plate is known as the main plate. If the batter returns to his home base then only he is known as he scored otherwise, if the ball reaches the main base of the player before reaching the batter there that means the batter is out and he can’t play anymore.  The second team means the fielding team has to stop the batter from scoring otherwise if max. Numbers of scores are scored in the table by the batting team and if the fielding can’t reach to that score than the second team is considered as the winner.

This game is of 9 innings and I have already mentioned that in last if the score didn’t tally then the team who has the maximum number of scores is considered as the winner. It is very much different from the other ball and bat game because in other game there are only 2 innings in which the team has to defend the score and another team has to reach to that particular score. This game is also known for its huge salary and it is also considered as one of the highest paying sports in the world.

Baseball the most famous sport in the USA much famous even in basketball

Baseball the most famous sport in the USA
Baseball the most famous sport in the USA

In ancient time, this game was firstly played by England in some different form and until late 19th century, this game was considered as the national game of U S.  The people who believed to bring this game were immigrants and they firstly organized this game in North America in a more developed form.

Baseball History

It is really very hard to tell that who invented this sport because there was no record in the history but it is known as this game is developed by the French people because in their manuscript it is shown that there is a guy playing a game like this but it is not so sure that they have developed this game. Some people also think that this game was developed by North America because they were the one who made this game as a profession.  A book written by David block states that this game was originated from the England and they are the developers of this game. But it is also not exact as there are no records found of anything. Everyone have their own answer if you ask from someone that who has developed this game then everybody has their own answer no similarity at all.  It has also been believed that cricket also descended from this game but in 2009 this theory got uncovered and realty comes in front of people. Cricket got originated from Flanders to England.

It doesn’t matter that from where this game got originated the main thing that matters is its popularity among the people today. And nowadays this game is just a trend for the people of United States because they are just crazy for games like this. This sport is shown in every type of movie cartoon and everywhere. People are just crazy for it. Not only is this but today this game played on domestic as well as international level also. There are many teams are also available and within the time, they used to play tournaments and leagues.

So if you also a lover of this game then just don’t sit go and enjoy this game today.

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